Drop Off / Pickup / Parking

School Zone Keep our children safe!

While we do our best to supervise drop-off and pickup of students, we cannot be in all places at all times. We need your help. We have had a near miss in recent weeks. In order to keep our students, and your children safe, please follow the following procedures when picking up and dropping off your children.
1. Stay with your vehicle. Drop off/Pick up your child. Move along. Treat CCA like the Manchester Airport and you will be fine. There is no parking on the West (school side) of Elkins Street at any time. If you must park and leave your vehicle - for any length of time, park away from the school in permissible parking spaces on West High Street or further down on Elkins.
2. Supervise your children crossing the road.
3. Use caution when pulling out and parking. Icy conditions can lead to slips and hide children on the edge of the road.
4. Yes, we know you are late for work, but please drive slowly around the CCA campus. It is a school zone after all.

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